10 Technical Steps to SOLVING PROBLEMS

A problem can be defined as an undesirable/unexpected situation or outcome of a decision/action. This can be good or bad. Not having enough options can be a bad problem whereas having too much options can sometimes be a good problem. For example, if you don’t have enough shoes for work (few options), it is a bad problem. On the other hand, having too many shoes on your rack can give you a headache of which one to choose from.

Project management entails solving problems within a specified timeline and limited resources. Below are 10 steps to technical problem solving.

1. Identify the Problem(s) – This entail a proper diagnosis of what the condition is.

2. Prioritize the problem(s) – in order of urgency, importance & impact.

3. Define the problem – There’s a popular saying that, “a problem defined is a half-solved”. Examples of well-defined problems include: Addiction to poor spending of money and time, Income not commensurate to expenses, high staff turnover in an organization etc.

4. Talk to the right people – i.e. select the right people to ask for help (not necessarily to help you solve the problem but to guide you in solving problem because if someone gives you a fish because you’re hungry [the problem], you’ll always need them, but if they teach you how to fish, they’ll have fed you for the rest of your life)

5. List all the possible causes and how to avoid them in the future

6. List all the possible solutions (by brainstorming)

7. Select and prioritize the best solution

8. Implement the best solution

9. Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution i.e. performance

10. Set up principles & policies to reinforce the solution that was used – that way, you can now help others in solving the same problem when they’re faced with it because you’ve become an authority in solving that problem (overcoming that obstacle)

In conclusion, never forget that problems are part of life. They can be good or bad but never neutral. Your attitude should always be that I CAN solve this problem because every problem has a solution just as every door has a key. Find the right solution and get that problem solved. Once solved, you move up in the next rung/stage in that imaginary ladder of work or life’s problems.

“We can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s mindset that created them” – Albert Einstein

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Composed by: Joseph Adetunji Banwo

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